New Album Recorded!

The new album is recorded! I have 10 new tracks done and its going to be a great album. Similar line-up to the first with David Salvador on the double bass and Antonio Pax on the drums, but with some important new faces this time. Three heavy weight players have been with me in the studio. Phil Wilkinson plays the piano, David 'El Indio' is on percussion and Ton Risco on the vibraphone. A special guest will appear on the album too....but you will have to wait to find out who!!!

Completely blown away by the sound we got from Brazil Studios in Madrid. We recorded the whole thing on 2 inch tape through a beautiful analogue studio and amazing mics. Proper old school recording and it sounds amazing!

So....time to mix now and ready for a release early next year with a tour to back that up!

Watch this space!

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