Album launch....Spain.

Well we have finally kicked off the live band with an amazing weekend in and around Madrid. Two great shows and a lot of new friends being made!

The Beat Club in Segovia was a great start despite the freezing cold weather and snow, we managed to raise the temperature!!

In Madrid, the presentation of the album was in one of Madrid's oldest jazz clubs, Clamores. Full to bursting, you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife! We were clearly being 'checked out' by Madrid's finest.

I had in the band two guys from the album recording, Gabri Casanova on piano and David Salvador on double bass as well Jorge Duran on vibes and new comer to the band Diego Hernando on drums. Antonio Pax who had recorded the drums (and the vibes!) on the album was in the US working. We were also joined by Mayka Edjole on the vocals for a storming version of the spiritual jazz classic Celestial Blues.

Quite a night and we gave the crowd what they wanted with a set which went over 2 hours!!

Support came from my record label Lovemonk and from the amazing music magazine Enlace Funk who released their 55th edition which has me on the cover a great vinyl 7 from The Mighty Vamp!

It couldn't have gone better. The band sounded amazing and it was lovely to hear all the songs from 'La Sombra' played live. A great off to London in May to do the same!!

Clamores Jazz Club (Madrid)

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