Second Pressing for La Sombra Vinyl

Some excellent press has come in for La Sombra as well as the good news that Lovemonk have gone for a second pressing of the vinyl. Amazon has temporarily run of stock too. So I guess it's all going well.

Here is some of the press:

"I'm a massive Chip Wickham fan" – Craig Charles

"This is coming from the outside, I was like whooooa, easy – Chip Wickham! Blowing hard – they got it right!" – Gilles Peterson

"I love this record" – Matthew Halsall

"Can hardly wait for this release, Chip Wickham is THE jazzing man of the moment" – Paul Murphy

"Helll yeah, I've been bumpin' this" – DJ Lefto

"This is my kind of jazz… think Harold Land and Bobby Hutcherson 1968 and you'll not be far off the mark" – Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds)

"Fxxing love this" – Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz)

"Love this album and couldn't turn it off" – Dean Rudland

"All tracks show an incredible depth, feeling and soul. Will be on my playlists for years to come" – Dr Bob Jones

"Beautiful stuff – played it out last night and it sounded fantastic" – Tim Love Lee (Tummy Touch)

"Really fantastic playing and composition. Wickham has a classy touch that makes his vintage influences fresh and vital sounding" – Tomas Palermo (Forward Ever)

"Slingshot is quality, can't wait for the album" – Mark Further In Fusion

"Chip Wickham doesn't want to play at inauguration. Very unfair!" – The Donald

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