Spirtual Jazz

Spiritual Jazz is on its way........

Its mixed and produced by me and mastered by the analgue king Bruce Wood @ Touchwood Audio in Leeds.

All originals written by me except a cheeky version of Camaron's classic 'La leyenda del Tiempo'. This final track is a little nod to the Spanish roots of this album. Written and recorded in Spain using its finest musicians.

The album is Spiritual Jazz and has its roots in artists such as Harold McNair, Yusef Lateef, Roland Kirk, Clifford Jordan and many many more!

Quite a departure from my recent releases, by still with an element of souful honesty and physical intensity that I try and get into all the things I write. Oh yeah...and good tunes!

This album has many thank yous to all who have helped me along the way to this point. To Borja and all at Lovemonk for taking the chance on me. From Matthew Halsall and all the Manchester jazz musicians who have shown that it is possible! From the musicians who recorded the album, Gabri, David and Pax. All of whom gave above and beyond what I could have hoped for. Eddie Roberts and all my Soul Jazz colleagues scattered accross Europe and the US. Mike Chadwick who has always pushed those around him and supported jazz wherever he found it. Any many more...too many to mnetion, but thank you!

Release date and tour dates to follow.......Chip

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